Mr JazziQ Clears Allegations Made Against Him


Tumelo Manyoni, who is popularly known as Mr JazziQ, has addressed allegations of assault and harassment made by drive-time show producer Ngcebo Mcobothi. Mcobothi took to her Twitter feed to claim that Mr JazziQ assaulted her in an elevator while they were on their way to YFM, a popular radio station.

The accusations against Mr JazziQ went viral, leading him to deny the claims. He stated that no assault occurred as he was not alone with Mcobothi in the elevator; there were five other people present during the lift ride.

Mr JazziQ and his team contacted YFM’s station manager to request CCTV footage of the alleged incident. However, YFM responded that the elevator had no cameras, limiting Mr JazziQ’s options to prove his innocence. And they also stated that Ngcebo Mcobothi is a freelancer on their station, and they don’t support any claims she made on Social Media.

In response, Mr JazziQ provided video evidence from his videographer. The footage shows Mcobothi entering the building and the elevator with Mr. JazziQ, his team, and another artist. They are seen exiting the elevator, with Mr JazziQ and his PR manager walking behind Mcobothi into the studio.

Three points are important to note. Firstly, at no point was Mr JazziQ alone with Ms Mcoboth in the lift – they were in the presence of at least 5 other people at all times. The second is that Mr JazziQ and Ms Mcobothi were never in close proximity as she entered the lift before him. Him being the last to enter means that he was also closest to the elevator doors – with no less than 5 other people between them.
Finally, the lift was traveling just one floor up – a distance that took a few seconds at best. For Ms Mcobothi’s allegations to be true, Mr JazziQ would have needed to enter the lift, wade through 5 other people, position himself next to her, attempt an assault on her in full view of the other people in the lift, and then out of the lift in barely 10 seconds that it took the lift to get just one floor up.

Mr Jazziq has proved to be not guilty of the accusations made by Ngcebo claiming that Mr Jazziq assaulted him, and his media statement fully explains what transpired on the day. Check out the media statement made by Black is Brown below and the viral video proof of Mr Jazziq with his team and the accuser in the elevator.



Watch Video down below:

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