Kelvin Momo Opens Up About the Meaning Behind His Album, ‘Kurhula’

In an insightful conversation with Apple Music, the prolific house music producer, Kelvin Momo, delved deep into the essence and inspiration behind his latest album, ‘Kurhula’. Known for his soulful sounds and deep, emotive melodies, Momo has carved a unique space for himself in the South African music scene. However, it’s not just the harmonies and rhythms that speak volumes; the album’s name itself has a profound story, one that mirrors Momo’s personal and professional journey.

‘Kurhula’, translating to ‘Peace’ in English, is a reflection of Momo’s state of mind and the tranquility he has found through his music. Naming an album is no small feat for an artist, encapsulating its soul and message in a word or two. Momo admitted, “Whenever I work on my album, that has to be one of the most hardest things, to come up with a name.” It was Babalwa M., a close associate and evidently a source of inspiration for Momo, who proposed the name. Having previously suggested ‘Amukelani’, Babalwa M. once again hit the mark with ‘Kurhula’, capturing the essence of Momo’s experiences and the serenity he has achieved.

Momo’s journey through the music industry has been anything but smooth, marked by significant highs and lows. Yet, it’s this very rollercoaster of experiences that has led him to find peace in his craft. “You always find peace nowadays whenever you work on your album… now everything’s working out, you find peace in the music,” Babalwa M. observed, prompting the album’s name. This insight speaks volumes about Momo’s evolution, not just as an artist but as an individual. His narrative is one of resilience, a testament to overcoming adversity through passion and perseverance.

The album ‘Kurhula’ becomes a beacon of hope and a source of comfort, not only for Momo but for his listeners as well. It embodies the idea that no matter the trials and tribulations, peace is attainable, especially through the universal language of music. Momo’s ability to channel his struggles, victories, and moments of calm into his work has culminated in an album that resonates with a wide audience. It’s a reminder that the journey, though fraught with challenges, is also filled with moments of profound peace and fulfillment.

Through his interview with Apple Music, Kelvin Momo has not only shared the backstory of ‘Kurhula’s’ name but has also offered a glimpse into his soul. It’s a narrative that many can relate to — the search for peace amidst chaos. Momo’s journey encourages listeners to find their own ‘Kurhula’, reminding us of the transformative power of music. As Momo continues to find peace in his musical endeavors, he invites his audience to embark on a similar journey of healing and discovery.

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